A high speed, low cost and secure connectivity solution

Today, thousands of businesses are moving to high-speed broadband connections, discovering they can reduce costs and benefit from significantly better speed and quality. Mistral ADSL service is available now with installation in as little as 7 days.

ADSL Max is the latest development in broadband technology which will allow users to benefit from much higher upload and download speeds . ADSL MAX offers downstream line speeds from 160kbps up to 8Mbps, and upstream speeds between 64kbps and 832kbps. As with all broadband services, the actual speed will depend on distance from the telephone exchange and line quality.

ADSL Max will is available from 5352 exchanges. It is not possible to determine exactly what ADSL speed your line will support until the service has been installed. The connection will negotiate Maximum Sustainable Rate (MSR) for your line over a 10 day period following installation - during this period the upload and download speeds may fluctuate.

With Sys3 ADSL service you can access the Internet at speeds up to 30 times faster than ISDN and download Internet files in seconds instead of minutes or hours – for example a 5 megabyte graphic file can be downloaded in less than 26 seconds.

Unlike dial-up services, ADSL provides a full-time connection that is "always on," 24 hours a day - no more dialling, busy signals, or call charges. Full-time connectivity, together with a block of dedicated IP addresses, means that you can host an e-mail or ftp server., or even create a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to allow remote access to your back office servers.

The ADSL solution is fully featured and includes

Free Fax 2 Email number
SMTP mail delivery
Free "Follow me" personal number

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