Sys3 - Connected

Broadband and Connectivity

Sys3 are highly experienced in the provision and support of home and business broadband services.

Good Internet connectivity has become an essential tool for business and we can provide strong and stable connections with minimum fuss. Having a connection with Sys3 also means access to free, top-level support with just one phone call. No waiting in a queue or automated voice services and low monthly costs.

ADSL2+ Broadband

With Sys3 ADSL2+ services, you will benefit from:

  • Speeds of up to 24Mb*
  • Higher upload speeds
  • No usage allowances
  • No hidden charges, extras of ‘fair usage’ policies
  • The ability to use existing routers and hardware
  • More flexibility than big name providers

Prices start from just £19.00 per month.


With the national roll-out of fibre connectivity, availability is increasing. If you would like to have fibre but are unsure if it is available for you, give us a call!

If you are one of the lucky ones, Sys3 currently offer two FTTC packages with clear pricing and a support guarantee.

Option 1
– 40Mb download
– 2Mb upload
– 40Gb usage allowance
£29.00 + VAT per month

Option 2
– 40Mb download
– 10Mb upload
– 100Gb usage allowance
£36.00 + VAT per month

Please note that our fibre connections carry a one-off activation fee of £80.00 + VAT

Business Connectivity

If you are considering a private circuit, we have the resources to assist with a Leased Line Connection. For more information and pricing structures, please contact us.