Email Hosting 

Sys3 run the latest in mail server technologies enabling access to email from a variety of devices which includes Outlook, Webmail, PDA and Mobile Phone.

Our systems allow you to set up your own auto responders, change your passwords and set up forwarding, we even include a calendar and address book!

All email is passed through our anti-virus and anti-spam scanners significantly reducing the risk of unsolicited email and potential virus infection. Our email servers are also set up to learn from messages automatically, if a spam message should find its way to your mailbox, simply report it to the system and have the server learn from its mistake!

Email set up is very flexible, the services we offer range from your own email address, a address, catchall accounts and smtp feeds and secondary smtp.

Please do not hesitate to discuss your requirements with us.

contact us by telephone on 0845 313 1919 or by email