The iServer is the evolution of the Managed Server solution.

HP Proliant server hardware is fitted with iSCSI HBA cards, enabling iServer clients to benefit from Network Appliance Storage Area Network (SAN).

Benefits of SAN Storage:

• Higher performance disks
• High MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) than traditional disks
• Upgradeable on the fly in 100GB increments
• Options to snapshot or mirror data for greater resilience
• Faster recovery from hardware failure

A stock of iServers are built, racked and ready for rapid deployment when customers need it.

The iServer is inherently more resilient than a traditional managed server with native storage. In the event of a server chassis failure, the failed server can be replaced without any effect on the customer’s business data by simply ‘pointing’ another iServer chassis at the customer’s disk image on the SAN.

iServer customer data is backed up with 1 full backup and 4 incremental backups each week, rotated every 7 days. Backups are held offsite in a facility at the IX Europe Heathrow datacentre.

iServer Specifications:

The iServer is available in 13 specification options ranging from the Entry Level 2.9Ghz Celeron processor machine, to the High Performance option based on a DL360G4P with twin 3.8GHz Xeon processors. All machines are configured with 36Gb of storage as standard, and can be upgraded in 100GB increments up to Terabytes of storage.
The iServer is available with Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or Redhat Enterprise Linux operating systems. Microsoft SQL and MySQL database options are available.

iServer Benefits:

• Rapid Deployment due to pre-building of servers
• Diskless Servers are more reliable due to reduced heat and vibration
• Direct 100Mbps connection onto our tier-1 backbone in one of our hosting centres
• Industry leading Service Level Guarantee (SLG) includes 100% uptime
• World class hosting centre with full environmental controls
• Unlimited routed IP addresses for your server
• 24 hour support hotline manned by experienced engineers.
• 24 hour network monitoring and fault detection
• 4 hour time-to-fix hardware maintenance contract included
• Includes domain name registration, SMTP mail transfer, DNS
• Commitment to quality

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