Sys3 - Technical Support

I.T. Support

More and more businesses across the UK are enjoying the benefits of outsourcing their I.T. services. Often the reliance on one, often expensive, member of staff and the rigmarole of employment and HR paperwork, in-house help can often cost much, much more than outsourcing.

Unfortunately many business owners fail to realise how important it is to have a good, reliable IT support structure. Often deemed unnecessary or a waste of money, this way of thinking is becoming harder and much more risky to maintain as reliance on IT increases and new technologies fast approach the forefront of the running of any business.

Sys3 are experts in IT support and offer a range of solutions for all kinds of businesses; from standard support contracts to tailor-made Support Level Agreements. Whether you need a couple of hours support allowance a month or a dedicated agreement that covers emergency situations, Sys3 can help.

Asking for Support

Sys3 operate a very successful ticket system. Through our website you can open your own ticket, leaving us contact details and a description of the problem. This system not only logs all correspondence, accessible to all parties involved, but holds your place in the queue during busy periods.

Alternatively, you can call us on 0345 313 1919 or email us at and we will do our very best to help.

Remote Support

More often than not, IT support requests can be dealt with quickly and efficiently with remote access. Sys3 utilise Log Me In Rescue, a remote desktop technician console that allows us to take control of user’s desktops securely and remotely. These sessions are easily initiated through the Support area of our website, where a Sys3 technician will provide you with a unique code to enter.

Our support methods and systems allow for a massive reduction in expensive and time consuming call outs and issues are often resolved quickly without prolonged downtime.

On-site Support

From time to time, a site visit may be required. Whether for routine maintenance or if a support request could not be dealt with remotely. Sys3 like to reach customers who need our support as soon as we possibly can and will schedule a visit promptly should the need arise.