Sys3 - Protection

Mail Protection and Archiving

Just one click has the potential to grind your business to a halt and generate a costly bill to put things right!

We are receiving ever-increasing calls with concerns about viruses, suspicious email and large levels of spam so the Sys3 team have come together to find the best possible solution so you never have to see these messages again.

Our top priority is to make sure our customers are supported and protected as well as they can be and the following service comes highly recommended, we use it ourselves!

A secure, reliable and interactive email security solution, enabling you to control what does and does not reach your inbox.

This next-generation technology protects you from junk email and viruses while also providing valuable email continuity. Using cloud-based filtering that blocks spam and email-borne threats before they reach your network. Benefits include:

  • Immediate activation
  • Built-in continuity
  • Junk email blocked before reaching your network
  • Robust spam and virus detection technologies
  • Delegated management options and other self-serve features