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To Click or Not to Click? It's no longer a question

We're forever receiving links in emails. Sometimes they make you wonder if they're safe. Sometimes you click without thinking.

SYS3's filtering service just got a whole lot better. Our latest product upgrade will remove that doubt entirely.

INTRODUCING... Link Protection

What is Link Protection?

We've all been there. You receive an email, perhaps one you've been expecting, with a link to click and something just doesn't feel right about it. You probably do one of three things: Ignore it, Click it (and hope for the best) or call SYS3. Link Protection is an added feature to SYS3's current email filtering and protection service that offers an additional layer of protection and added confidence by protecting you against malicious links.

How does it work?

When activated, links contained inside emails are replaced with links to the Link Protection System. The original links are analysed for suspicious behaviour, bad content and authenticity. When a link is clicked, you will see this...

If the link is safe, you will be quickly redirected to the link's original destination. If it's not safe, you will be warned that suspicious activity has been detected. With various configuration options, you will either be given the option to continue anyway or be blocked from accessing the link completely.

Why does SYS3 recommend this feature?

There are an unfathomable number of scams, viruses and email-borne threats out there and they're becoming incredibly intelligent and hard to defend against. Anything that can protect your email, particularly your business email, should be given great consideration.

When it comes to Link Protection, not only will it remove the uncertainty that you may regularly experience with email but it will greatly reduce one of the biggest threats to your business.... user error. Human error is the number one cause of cyber attack and financial fraud in business. If you have the opportunity to reduce it... you shouldn't hesitate.

One powerful, easy to configure feature has the capacity to stop a ransomware attack and serious financial fraud. The best bit? If you already have SYS3's Email Security service, Link Protection is included completely free of charge.

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