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The more advanced technology becomes, so do cyber criminals, hackers and malware writers. Gone are the days when attacks came from recognisably dodgy websites or badly written spam email. Of course, human error is still largely responsible for the entry of cyber nasties but there are more ways around it than you think.

Heimdal Thor / Vigilance

A good antivirus suite for your business is critical and not having top-level protection is just too big a risk to take. Sys3 recommends Heimdal Security Suite.

Thor Vigilance is an efficient endpoint detection and response product. Combining techniques used by both traditional and next-generation antivirus engines, it provides market leading protection and an impeccable detection rate for viruses, APTs, data leakage and more. Benefits include…

  • No upfront investment
  • Low monthly costs
  • No licence limits
  • Automatic updates and upgrades
  • Alerts and reporting

Heard of ransomware? Heimdal Thor Foresight is one of few products available on the market that has been specifically designed to protect you against this type of attack. With new malware strains specifically developed to avoid antivirus products, this is the perfect compliment to Thor Vigilance, benefits include:

  • Protects computer memories against ransomware
  • Blocks malware before it infects your computer
  • Keeps scammers away from bank accounts
  • Automatically closes security holes in your apps
  • Stops malicious websites from infecting you